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Our concrete paving professionals are experienced in refinishing your driveway, walkways, patios, and more. Make your driveway beautiful, durable and stand the test of time with our quality concrete paving service.

Brick Work

From interior flooring and brick accent walls to outdoor brick fencing and flower bed retaining walls -- brick work by Rodriguez Masonry & Concrete lends a rustic flair to your home inside and out. 
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Pavers & Tile Installation

Tile floors are durable, easy to clean, and available in every color, shape and texture imaginable for a unique look. Pavers made of stone or tile are a beautiful natural accent, indoors and out. Give your home a modern touch with tile and pavers by Rodriguez Masonry & Concrete!
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Few things spruce up a property like new fencing. Rodriguez Masonry & Concrete specializes in the installation of brick and wooden fencing to deliver a well-maintained appearance along with a sense of security to your home or business setting. 
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Glass stone

Glass Block Masonry

Let in the light without sacrificing privacy! Glass blocks are a popular way to achieve a gorgeous, bright look for the bathroom while safeguarding your privacy. Use glass blocks for windows or create an entire wall!
Sand block

Sand Blocks

Sand blocks are great for landscaping! Retaining walls made of sand blocks around flower beds contribute to a beautiful, tidy-looking outdoor space as they help control the spread of your plants. Affordable, functional, and appealing to the eye!

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